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Laboratory News
Drinking Water, from Sunshine

An MIT team designed solar-powered portable desalination system to use in disaster zones and remote regions
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Squid Provide Insight into Human Hearing

The ordinary squid, Loligo pealii—best known until now as a kind of floating buffet for just about any fish in the sea—may be on the verge of becoming a scientific superstar, providing clues about the origin and evolution of the sense of hearing
.........Read full story

Chemists Produce Biofuel from Used Cooking Oil

A team of university chemists have demonstrated that cooking oil can be used and revalued, having managed to produce biodiesel from the used oil
.........Read full story

Greener is Happier

Do human beings find more passion and meaning in working for the greater good—in realizing their jobs contribute more than just profit? The answer is yes
.........Read full story

eLegs Give Paraplegics Hope

Berkeley Bionics unveiled eLEGS, a wearable, artificially intelligent, bionic device that powers paraplegics up to get them standing and walking
.........Read full story

China's Fastest Supercomputer Unveiled

China's fastest supercomputer "Tianhe-1," is about to be equipped with Chinese-made central processing unit chips, meaning that China could rival the world's most powerful computers
.........Read full story

Watermelon Lowers Blood Pressure

Evidence from a pilot study suggests that watermelon can be an effective natural weapon against prehypertension, a precursor to cardiovascular disease
.........Read full story

`SpectroPen' Can Detect Tumor Edges

Biomedical engineers are developing a hand-held device called a SpectroPen that could help surgeons see the edges of tumors in human patients in real time during surgery
.........Read full story

Device Measures Mars’ Atmosphere

Instruments designed by a UT Dallas professor to measure atmospheric components on the surface of Mars have uncovered important clues about the planet’s atmosphere and climate history
.........Read full story

Vibrational Spectroscopy Gets Faster

A paper by researchers at NIST may breathe new life into the use of a powerful—but tricky—diagnostic technique for cell biology
.........Read full story

Latest Headlines
Medtronic gets OK to study heart valve in US
Ratings agencies maintain views on St. Jude
St. Jude agrees to buy AGA Medical for $1.04B
Solta Medical acquires acne laser maker CLRS
Health insurers help GOP after dalliance with Dems
Insulet Corporation to Report Third Quarter 2010 Financial Results on Tuesday,
Summary Box: GE to buy diagnostics firm Clarient
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Application Notes
Nitrogen Protein Determination in Meat Derivative Products
by Liliana Krotz, Elena Ciceri and Guido Giazzi, Thermo Fisher Scientific New regulations regarding all processed food and most raw foods include a series of tests determining their nutritional composition and how they relate to a healthy diet. One of the most important nutrients is Protein and the monitoring of its amount, through the determination of Nitrogen, must be accurate to establish the nutritional quality of these meat products........Continue
LC Research Application Notes
LC research application notes.......Continue
MVS Volume Verification Using Any Microtiter Plate or Small Volume Container
by Keith J. Albert, Ph.D., ARTEL This application note discusses methods for measuring target volumes (10 nL - 200 μL) dispensed into any microtiter plate or small volume container using the Artel MVS. If a target volume is dispensed into a microtiter plate or small container that cannot be directly inserted into the MVS plate reader, that target volume must be transferred to an MVS-compatible microtiter plate to perform volume measurements........Continue
Rapid, Large-Scale Removal of Albumin and IgG from Human Serum
by Fang-Fang Wu, Steve Freeby, Aran Paulus, Pete Gagnon, and Roger Provost, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. In human serum, albumin contributes more than 60% of total protein, and immunoglobulins, predominantly IgG, contribute 10–25%. The high concentrations of both albumin and IgG obscure low-abundance serum proteins and limit the amount of total serum protein that can be resolved by two-dimensional (2-D) electrophoresis........Continue
Profinia Protein Purification System Simplifies Antibody Purification With Protein A
by Mark Berardini, Sami T. Tuomivaara and Michael G. Hahn Immobilized Protein A from Staphylococcus aureus has been used for many years to purify antibodies from a variety of species (Hjelm et al. 1972). The high selectivity and stability of protein A has made it a popular choice for the purification of antibodies from a wide range of sample sources, including serum, ascitic fluid, and hybridoma cell culture supernatants.......Continue
Glycerol Solutions for MVS Volume Verifications
Glycerol plays an important role in many industries and because of its physical and chemical characteristics, it is used extensively in life science industries. Pharmaceutical and other life science laboratories use glycerol for innumerable sample preparations and assays........Continue
Rapid, Automated Molecular Characterization Using a Binary HPLC Pump
A standard binary pump, such as those used for HPLC systems, may be used to prepare, mix, and inject multiple sample concentrations required for a standard Zimm plot. Continuous flow and automation result in an easier experiment, cleaner light scattering data, and expedited results........Continue
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Editor's Corner
The Sustainable Lab
Creating a sustainable lab includes numerous business approaches. Overall costs, emissions, and productivity are just some of the implications........Continue
The Asia Card
by Tim Studt It should come as no surprise to our readers that the Peoples’ Republic of China and other Asian countries are rapidly increasing investments in their science and technology infrastruct.......Continue
The Mayhem Surrounding Mammograms
by Ashley Glowinski Last week’s national news regarding the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force mammogram recommendations received quite a backlash—and for good reason........Continue
Grand Challenges
The high incidence of diabetes and its potentially life-threatening consequences has driven development of continuous glucose monitoring technologies that can monitor a patient’s medical condition in mostly real-time situations........Continue
Energy Myths
by Tim Studt The goal of our energy strategy is to reduce overall emissions and/or consumption, but the expert energy accountants at the U.S. Dept. of Energy don’t see that happening. If anything, the picture is going to get darker (along with our atmosphere)........Continue
Silent Spring South
by Tim Studt Forty-eight years ago, Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, which was credited with helping launch the environmental movement that followed with a ban on DDT in 1972. DDT was found to cause thinner bird egg shells, resulting in reproductive problems and death........Continue
Organic Gardening: Investing In Your Future
In the last 20 years, organically grown produce has moved into the mainstream and many people believe that organic gardening holds the key for quality of food, plants, and overall health. .......Continue
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Featured Editorial
Clenching Muscles Increases Willpower
The next time you feel your willpower slipping as you pass that mouth-watering dessert case, tighten your muscles. A new study says firming muscles can shore up self-control.......Continue
Industry Links
Technology Reports
Climate Changes Threaten Human-Environment Link
The sustainability of both human and Earth systems depends in large part on their vulnerability and resilience to threats. Because changes in climate threaten multiple Earth systems, such as the atmosphere and oceans, it also threatens many human systems........Continue
Intro to Electron Microscopy
FEI Company announces the availability of “An Introduction to Electron Microscopy,” an all-new edition of its well-known primer about electron and ion beam microscopy........Continue
Major Changes in Behavior of Online World
Covering nearly 90 percent of the world’s online population through 50,000 interviews with consumers in 46 countries, a new study reveals major changes in the world’s online behavior. .......Continue
Report Assesses, Compares PhD Programs
The NRC released its assessment of U.S. doctoral programs, which includes data on more than 5,000 programs in 62 fields at 212 universities nationwide. .......Continue
Academic R&D on the Rise
University spending on research and development in science and engineering (S&E) increased 5.8% between FY 2008 and FY 2009 to $54.9 billion.......Continue
U.S. Competitive Position Still in Decline
The outlook for America's ability to compete for quality jobs in the global economy has continued to deteriorate in the last five years, according to a new report, updating a similar one from 2005.......Continue
Decade Long Effort to Save the Everglades
A decade-long, multibillion dollar effort to restore the Florida Everglades has made tangible albeit slow progress, but additional projects need completion before substantial benefits are seen, says a new congressionally mandated report from the National Research Council........Continue
Training & Tutorial
Courses and Services: PACS August Courses
PACS courses in July in Toronto, August in Boston, September in Seattle and October in Pittsburgh PA in conjunction with the 26th International Activated Carbon Conference........Continue
Video Provides Compressed Gas Handling Info
SGD Productions has created a 90-min plus video with in-depth information to provide compressed gas users with an understanding of the basic principles of handling and controlling compressed gases and cryogenic liquids........Continue
Courses & Services: May Courses
PACS Testing, Consulting and Training will provide short courses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this May........Continue
Courses & Services: Intellectual Property and Expert Witness
These two courses are ideal for clients needing to improve performance in the legal arena........Continue
Courses & Services: GC, MS, ICP
These MS courses focus on mass spectral interpretation, a platform for all MS applications.......Continue
Courses & Services: Brookfield Instrumentation Training Sessions
Brookfield offers two courses that provide users of Brookfield instrumentation with the hands-on knowledge to get the most out of their viscosity test methods. These day-long training sessions are presented in easy-to-understand terms that give attendees the working know-how to verify and improve upon the data required for meaningful R&D and successful QC testing........Continue
Courses & Services: Viscosity Test Methods
Brookfield, the world standard for viscosity measurement and control, offers two courses that provide users of Brookfield instrumentation with the hands-on knowledge to get the most out of their viscosity test methods........Continue
Next Generation Sequencing - Elements for Success
This webcast addresses directions for next-generation sequencing, solutions available to provide the scalable HPC infrastructure demanded by the research, and successful implementation of next-generation sequencing in a clinical and translational research environment........Continue
How Can You Successfully Implement a Knowledge Management Solution?
From drug discovery through approval and monitoring life cycles, implementing a knowledge management solution can add value to your enterprise. View this webcast to learn the value of simplification, standardization and integration in implementing a successful knowledge management platform and achieving your business goals........Continue
High-Throughput Screening (HTS) for Kinase Inhibitors
How are leading Pharma researchers using HTS to identify kinase inhibitors? Protein kinases play crucial roles in biological processes and aberrant kinase activity in human disease including cancer and autoimmune diseases........Continue
Removing Roadblocks to Chromatographic Method Development and Validation
Are trial-and-error practices slowing down your chromatographic methods development processes? Through this webcast, you can gain insight into the trials and tribulations of chromatographic method development and validation for drug discovery and development applications.......Continue
Analytical Tools and Challenges in Biodiesel Measurements
Our panel of analytical measurement experts addresses the challenges posed to biofuel developers by widely varying feedstocks, regulations, processing requirements, and testing methodologies........Continue
Extreme Data Storage: Next Generation Sequencing
This webcast examines storage challenges associated with next-generation sequencing and strategies to manage the exponential growth in data volumes, as well as the successful implementation of a scalable storage solution in a clinical research environment........Continue
Webinar: Fast, Safe Evaporation and Reformatting of Large-Volume Samples
Genevac announces a new free-to-register webinar to give scientists insight into new technologies for large sample volume evaporation applications........Continue
White Papers
Single-Use' Tubing and Peristaltic Aseptic Filling Machines
The resultant products of drug development today tend to be injectable liquids designed for specific populations. Because batch sizes are smaller, there are pressures to increase efficiency, reduce costs, minimize risks and shorten the validation process. These factors indicate that peristaltic pumps with single-use tubing represent the future for fill/finish lines.......Continue
Advantages of Using an Electronically Commutated Motor in Biosafety Cabinets
by Jim Hunter, Senior Project Engineer - HEPA Filtered Products Group, and Mike Rouse, Test Technician, Labconco Corporation In the 1960s, the motor of choice to drive the Class II Biosafety Cabinet’s blower was the Permanent Split Capacitor type. Because a magnetic field must be induced in the rotor, the PSC motor is asynchronous and as a result is inefficient, generating high amounts of waste heat. Attempting to control the blower speed by reducing its voltage only increases the inefficiency of the PSC motor........Continue
Advantages of H202 Sterilization
Sanyo’s whitepaper compares their Sterisonic GxP Cell Culture Incubator with conventional decontamination methods, detailing the significant advantages of H2O2 sterilization in routine clinical and highly-regulated research laboratories where downtime is costly........Continue
Quotient Clinical Demonstrates Effective Drug Product Optimisation
Quotient Clinical announces the availability of a new white paper demonstrating the advanced capabilities of the novel RapidFACT approach: an integrated formulation development, manufacture and clinical testing service........Continue
Accurate Dispensing of Biopharmaceuticals: Peristaltic or Piston Pumps?
The pharmaceutical industry has had to adapt to major changes and challenges over the last decade. This has been mainly driven by the fact that many of the blockbuster drugs are running out of patent, forcing the industry to focus more on R&D with greater interest towards developing biopharmaceutical products........Continue
Nanoparticles in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
The pharmaceutical field has long been a model for industry, creating best practices in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and other disciplines. As such, it also has recorded historic levels of profitability. But an evolving marketplace, changing regulatory standards, increased manufacturing costs and a number of other factors have begun exerting pressure on pharmaceutical producers........Continue
Particle Image Understanding–A Primer
by Lew Brown, Director of Marketing, Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. This paper will discuss the use of pattern recognition techniques to identify and differentiate different particle types contained in a heterogeneous solution. This application involves imaging the microscopic particles in real time as they flow in a solution, segregating each individual particle as a separate image, and then applying pattern recognition techniques to differentiate the individual particle types........Continue
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